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Customize your website, create your subscription offers and launch your marketing campaigns, everything is possible with a single tool.

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Subscription management

Adaptable formulas

You are autonomous to set up your different formulas and build your subscription offer.

Customizable subscriptions

Define in your formulas the available catalog to allow your customers to compose themselves their subscription for a tailor-made offer.

Billing cycles

You choose the payment and delivery cycles: monthly, annual, bimonthly, semi-annual, etc. Duration, commitment, closing dates, create the formula adapted to your business model.

Delivery & Logistics

Easy management of shipments

A confirmed order (shop, additional sale, or subscription) automatically creates the necessary delivery notes and you receive a report of the shipments by email

Variety of delivery methods

Add the carriers of your choice. You can even reserve carriers for certain subscription packages or the eshop for example.

Points Relais

Propose a delivery mode in a relay point when ordering, the functionality is native to Ciklik.

First delivery with Express shipping

Set up a carrier with priority shipping only on the first delivery.

Follow-up on deliveries

Automatically send a tracking link to your subscribers when your packages are sent.

Exports and Webhooks

Export orders for delivery based on the many filters in the back office, or use integrations via Zapier or Integromat using webhooks.

Site Builder and Customization

Drag and drop, it’s created!

Thanks to the Ciklik Site Builder, choose and customize the blocks that make up your page, and let your creativity flow with the options of each block to create your own templates.

Media Gallery

Are your media ready? Simply add them to your dedicated gallery, and use them anywhere on your site.


About 80% of your users are on mobile. Create your site with access to a computer and mobile preview to take care of every detail. You are guaranteed to ensure an optimal browsing experience, whether they are on mobile, tablet or computer.

Pre-sale page

Get started today, leave your site in maintenance, and customize a page to announce the launch of your product.

Personalized emails and deliverability

Send automatic emails with your brand image using the dedicated editor. No inspiration? Use our templates!

The sending of your emails is automated and optimized for a better deliverability.

Payments & Checkout

Keep your customers on your website

Personalize the shopping experience with your brand colors. Your customer never leaves your website to complete their payment, they will stay on your domain name from start to finish.

Personalization Questionnaire

Before even talking price, collect essential information about your future customers to personalize their order.

Variety of payment gateways

The sales tunnel has been configured to optimize the conversion rate and ensure a seamless experience for the customer. We work with the best players in the market.

High conversion rate

Whether it’s for a gift card, a subscription, or a classic eshop purchase, the shopping tunnel adapts to offer the best experience for the buying impulse.

Tunnel adapted to the purchase type

You don’t know what to choose for the subscription part or the shop part?

We take care of everything and advise you on the best solution (Stripe, Paypal, Alma, VivaWallet, Alma, etc.) according to your brand’s positioning.

Marketing & Acquisition


Offer discounts to your visitors to boost acquisition. Immediate or recurring discount, fixed amount or percentage, global or on a single formula, you choose.


Allow your customers to become your brand ambassadors by rewarding them through referral.

Add the referral link on all available notifications.

Additional sales

Increase the value of your average basket with additional sales. Your customer chooses his formula, offer him a product to complete his order.

Unsubscription tunnel

You will know why your customers are unsubscribing. Take the opportunity to offer them a break for a few months to avoid a cancellation.

Personalize the questionnaire and the discount or gift you wish to offer.

Catch up on overdue payments

Your subscribers could not be collected? Among our various options, for example send them SMS or email automatically with a payment link without authentication which ensures maximum conversion.

Automatic billing

Another valuable feature is that we attempt multiple payment attempts to maximize the conversion rate.

There will be up to 4 payment attempts that will be performed automatically and all of them are customizable.

Acquisition campaign links

Avoid friction when adding a coupon.

Create unique links for your ad campaigns that automatically add a discount to your visitor’s cart, every detail counts for maximum conversion.

Integration with advertising networks

You want to use Facebook Ads, Tiktok, Google Adwords, Taboola, Tradedoubler, Outbrain or Affilae? Use our one-click integrations without installing any modules.

KPI & Analytics

Access key indicators to analyze your website’s performance. Filter your data according to the desired analysis periods and criteria.

Build your custom tracking files and link your account to your favorite management tools with the no-code application of your choice (Zapier, Integromat, etc).

Need to add tracking with Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager? You’re all set.

Cohort analysis

Measure the performance of your marketing campaigns over time, thanks to your cohort graph integrated into our application, you see the evolution of your subscriber recruitment and your churn.

Marketing Automations

Create your own scenarios to automate the management of your orders, subscriptions, deliveries, acquisition campaigns, and more.

Aggregate this data wherever you want and connect other services.


Manage your meta tags on your entire website, we take care of communicating the information correctly to optimize your positioning on search engines.

The loading time of your site will also be calibrated for a better SEO performance.

Abandoned carts

Increase conversion and improve your cost of acquisition by activating abandoned carts. You are free to define the most effective offer to encourage your customers to complete their purchase.


Develop your content strategy with the in-app blogging tool.

Subscribers management


The customer files give you access to all the information you need to track your customers: activity log, orders, subscriptions, etc.

Centralized management

Your team has a dashboard with all the useful actions to manage daily life and to not waste time: cancel a subscription, postpone a payment, change a password, place an order, etc.


Easily find a customer, an order, or a subscription by using the search tool available throughout the application.


Sort each resource (orders, subscriptions, etc.) using the available filters. All these resources can be exported in one click.

Collaborative tool

Invite other collaborators and give them access to your website by assigning them the right role to protect your data.


2-factor Authentication

Secure access to your data with 2-factor Authentication (2FA) for all team members.

Secure hosting

Your website receives a free SSL security certificate which guarantees that the connection between your visitor and your website is secure.

RGPD Compliance

Have all the necessary tools for the protection of your user data, in compliance with the RGPD regulation.

Secure Payments PCI 1

The security of our tools is maximum.
The SSL certificate (the little padlock in the url bar) will offer maximum confidence to your visitors. Your PSP (payment provider) is certified PCI level 1, the strictest level.

Website Creation

Create with the site builder or delegate us this part, we help you build a site to your image.

Subscribers acquisition

Optimize conversion on your website and grow your business with advanced marketing features.

Subscribers retention

Limit your churn with our dedicated tools, keep your subscribers and accelerate your growth.

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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Ciklik if I already have subscribers?

Yes, we can import your existing subscribers to Ciklik without any loss of information.

We migrate every year dozens of websites using other non-adapted solutions such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop, etc., we know how to manage these situations.

Do I need to subscribe to an additional online payment solution?

No, we take care of managing the payments with the different suppliers you have chosen. You just have to add your payment information in your admin profile to receive directly the payments of your subscribers.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, our plans are non-binding. You can stop your subscription or change your plan whenever you want.

Are there any additional costs?

No, unlike other players, there are no hidden costs. All our offers include access to all our plugins. We do not offer any additional paid plugins, although you can choose to connect other services of your choice without any worries.

Am I limited in the use of certain features?

You have no limit of traffic, number of pages, number of products, number of plans, subscribers, etc. The plans include everything without limitation, this allows you to develop your business very simply without having to pay more and more as you keep growing.

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