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In addition to our technical solution, we can also advise you

on design (UX, UI, graphic design) and marketing (acquisition & retention).

$0 / month

Take advantage of 3 months free on the Pro plan to validate your idea and launch quickly on your market.

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$139 / month

A clear formula with full access to the entire solution, no limits on functionality or usage.

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$299 / month

You want a more advanced technical support for specific needs, let’s build together a tailor-made solution for your business.

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$0 / month
$139 / month
$299 / month
Creation & Migration
Personalized support
Site builder or integration of your design
Data migration from your old CMS
Creation of subscriptions (physical, digital, custom)
Eshop creation
Set up of transactional emails
CRM set up
Facebook Ads connection and conversion API
Tiktok, Instagram Conversion Pixels
Analytics and Adwords tracking optimization
SEO optimization
Multi-language management
Multi-website management
Custom technical developments
Conversion and Churn Maximization
Customizable unsubscribe tunnel
Special unsubscribe offers
Abandoned carts
Email+text auto login abandoned cart notifications
Expired credit card notifications
Targeted ads for unpaid invoices
Coupons inserted in targeted ads
Upsell & Cross sell
Gift card
Customer reviews
Advanced marketing training
Data Analysis
Sales analysis
Cohort calculation
Churn and customer retention
Acquisition KPI
Unified dashboard
Data exports to Excel
Logistics, Inventory and Operations
Delivery methods (Home, Express)
Creation of delivery notes
Data transfer to the logistician
Inventory management
Payments and Unpaid Invoices Optimization
Secure payments
Recurring billing
Flexible automatic payments
PSP diversity (Stripe, Paypal, VivaWallet, Alma, Pledge)
Automatic payment reminders
Discounts management
VAT management
Multi currency
Data and Security
Registration of your domain name
Secure hosting
RGPD Compliant
RGPD Plugin
Email support
Phone support
Ciklik Academy
CTO as a Service