Innovate with a subscription offer
integrated to your website

Why subscription?

The subscription craze is accelerating in all sectors, subscription is a very virtuous business model with many advantages.

  • A different promise for customers with a unique experience
  • Loyal customers with a close and personalized relationship
  • Recurring revenues to strengthen your business model
  • Regular cash flow to improve your purchasing budget
  • More revenue per customer with a longer lifetime value
  • Better valuation of your company

A simple experience
with a plug & play solution

With Ciklik, adopt the best native tools for subscription while keeping your Shopify, Prestashop or WooCommerce.

  • Make your products recurrent to build customer loyalty
  • Offer them several products in the form of ready-made packages (health cure, hygiene kits, etc.)
  • Let your customers choose their products with custom subscription packages
  • A subscription with an optimized conversion tunnel and a better ROI

Avoiding problems
to save time and money

Using Ciklik will save you a lot of trouble and allow you to iterate on your subscription offer.

  • Controlled costs with a success business model to avoid heavy investments
  • The freedom to test and develop your offer without breaking the e-commerce part
  • Peace of mind with a connection to your existing apps (marketing, logistics, CRM, accounting, etc.)
  • A dedicated team of subscription specialists to help you over the long term

They use for their subscription offer

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Which subscription offer to propose?

Surprise your subscribers each month with an assortment of products that you have selected for them. Monthly or bimonthly, with or without commitment, offer different formulas to make them discover your best products while developing a loyalty link with them.


Surprise is not your favorite promise, personalization will surely please your customers. Offer them a preliminary diagnosis or let them choose the composition of their box, the more personalized your offer will be, the more it will meet their needs and they will remain your customers for a long time.

Physical product and digital content

By becoming a member of your club, they can receive products but also dedicated digital content that will be unlocked according to the months of subscription. You renew each time the pleasure and the surprise by developing a privileged relationship with them.

And many more

We are here to help you define the best promise for your customers and create a strong connection between them and your brand. Contact us and let’s build together the best subscription experience for your ecommerce website.