The platform
for subscription models

Build customer loyalty by offering a unique subscription experience with our plug & play solution.

Create a conversion-optimized funnel, maximize your recurring revenue, reduce churn and save valuable time in your daily operations.

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Create an experience
optimized for conversion

Easily build your subscription offers and connect all your everyday tools

  • No-code plug & play solution to make a product recurrent, offer ready-made or custom-made subscription formulas
  • Site builder approach to build and edit according to your desires
  • Connection to the different APIs and apps you need via no-code tools Make and Zapier: Airtable, Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Google Sheet, Slack, etc.
  • Ciklik team support to create the best experience for your customers

Build customized
subscription offers

Offer a personalized experience to your customers, from their subscription to their order tracking

  • Maximum flexibility in the creation of formulas (duration, price, prior information requests, composition of the packages, updates during the subscription period etc.)
  • Customizable sales tunnel optimized for the subscription model
  • Unsubscribe tunnel designed to reduce churn
  • Sale of additional products thanks to our up-sell and cross-sell tools

Optimize your marketing spend
and improve your ROI

Improve your acquisition costs, reduce churn and increase the value of each customer

  • Powerful tools to reduce churn: special unsubscribe offers, catch up on unpaid invoices, etc.
  • Advanced marketing solutions to increase the value of each customer
  • Coupons, referrals, customer reviews, surveys
  • Responsive website, SEO optimized and minimal loading time

Analyze and manage
your business efficiently

Performance indicators and a back-office designed to save time on a daily basis

  • Analysis of sales, cohorts, churn and customer retention
  • Access all your data from a unified dashboard
  • CRM tools for your customer relationship management
  • Easy shipping management and efficient logistics

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