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Build customer loyalty and increase sales with our plug & play solutions.

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An optimized module for your PrestaShop

  • Simply add subscriptions to your products and turn your customers into subscribers
  • Set the price and frequency of each product to create custom offers
  • Deliver a seamless experience to maximize acquisition and retention

A flexible module with no commitment

  • A customizable design that reflects your brand codes
  • The best features for your subscription model
  • Try for free – Guaranteed return on investment

Ciklik is also a complete solution for Sub First clients

  • A customized website with the best native features for subscriptions
  • Maximum flexibility in the creation of formulas (duration, prices, commitments, prior information requests, subscription composition, etc.)
  • High-performance anti-churn tools: special unsubscribe offers, dunning on overdue payments, etc.
  • Customizable checkout optimized for subscription sales
  • Easy shipment management, sales and customer cohort analysis

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