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Birth of Ciklik

After having developed subscription models with unsuitable technology, endless plugins and exploding costs, we decided to create the tool we would have liked to have at the beginning of our entrepreneurial venture.

We built a platform with the best features for subscription models to maximize conversion and limit churn.

In addition to the technical solution, our team aims to accompany you to meet your specific needs by follow your evolution.

Ciklik offers the advantages of a powerful SaaS tool and the commitment of an experienced team that will accompany you over time.

Our customers chose
for the technical solution but also for the team.

Experience in subscription models
+10 years

All the team based in

Average growth of our clients


An experienced team

who knows your challenges and listens to your needs.


With proven technical skills, François is always looking to improve the solution he created after 10 years of experience in subscription models. Listening to his customers, he adapts and helps entrepreneurs get the most out of Ciklik’s features.


Entrepreneur in the food industry and passionate about tech, Anaëlle accompanies clients in the development of their projects on a daily basis and in a very operational way, whether it is at the start-up stage, in the migration phase or in a period of strong growth.


After graduating from Essec, Pierre-Henri created Label Box, a pioneer company in France in subscription ecommerce that has had great successes. Pierre-Henri knows the challenges of developing a company from 0 to tens of thousands of subscribers per month.


Thibault started his career at Woufbox, a subscription model for dogs and cats, which he developed until it was sold to Lagardère. He then created Kumquat, a service to manage the recurring needs (cleaning, water fountain, snacks) of his clients’ offices.

Helping you succeed

Helping you achieve your goals. Our primary mission is to help you exceed your goals. Our fates are linked and we know success only by helping you succeed. We have the ambition to make Ciklik the best solution for subscription models.


We are here to meet your needs, not the other way around. We are not just a SaaS software that offers the best features, we are a team that accompanies you and takes into account the specifics of the product or service you want to offer to your customers.


Prioritize what is important. Our goal is not to drown you with the accumulation of features, we are here to help you use the ones that match your stage of development and make the most of them to boost your business.


Share with you everything that has made others successful. We have been working on subscription models for 10 years, and we want to pass on everything we have learned to make your project a real success story.