Our Customers

An evolutive solution
adapted to the different stages of your company’s life

The Ciklik team accompanies its clients on a long term basis in various sectors (food, media, sports, pets, childhood, etc.)


We help project creators build a beautiful conversion-optimized website, create customized subscription offers and acquire their first subscribers.


We also help customers migrate to Ciklik after having started with other solutions because they had problems in their development or wanted to take their projects to a next level.


We can also take care of custom development for fast growing teams with specific needs by becoming their CTO as a service.

Ciklik helped us from day one to be able to start marketing our subscriptions without big investments on the technical part.

We have developed from the beginning with Ciklik, because it is both a solution with extremely efficient functionalities and also a very customizable one.

The Ciklik team has been able to adapt to our needs, we owe them a part of our company’s success and its growth from 0 to 100 000 meals delivered per month.

Qilibri | Customized slimming programs and home-delivered meals

We had a lot of trouble to launch by going through many solutions: create the site ourselves with recurring billing plugins for payments, CMS that we tried to twist, etc, we lost a lot of time.

Ciklik has really made our life easier, we have the possibility to follow the evolution of sales, unsubscriptions and ads by targeting our customers better.

The support is very reactive and the tools have been created for the subscription models, we don’t have much to do because the solution is very stable.

We can focus on our communication and what we put in the box.

Kevin & Alexandre
The Fisher Box | Monthly subscription around fishing

The implementation was very fast, the site was operational without any bugs and we were able to take the first orders as soon as it opened.

Ciklik also helped us a lot in the logistics and financial management of the boxes, especially the sales tunnel which is very simple for the users, we found it very adapted to each of our projects.

Being able to rely on Ciklik made our processes much smoother and allowed us to focus on the creative part of the box.

MadmoiZelle | Monthly boxes from the women’s magazine MadmoiZelle

Our site was created on Prestashop, it’s good but in fact it was not adapted to the subscription business with its specific issues.

In April 2017 we took the decision to migrate to Ciklik. Today we are very satisfied, the migration went super smoothly and the support is always very reactive to answer all our little worries.

We got rid of all the technical and box specific issues, we can focus full time on marketing.

Mes Kits Make It | Decorative DIY kits, jewelry and haberdashery

We have launched boxes in various sectors (pets, media, diet). We have gone through all types of solutions (WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, etc.) trying to adapt them to our needs. At the time we launched, there wasn’t much choice.

Until we decided to adopt the Ciklik solution for all our websites. The transition was extremely simple. The big advantage is that the developments made for the other customers benefit us too.

We went from a few thousand orders to managing more than 20,000 shipments per month. The subscription model has a bright future!

Woufbox | Monthly boxes for happy dogs

In 24 hours my website was online, the backoffice was easy to use.

I’ve been using the platform for a year now, and I’m really happy, the team is very reactive, and this is fundamental for me.

It’s always smooth and efficient, it’s really a proof of credibility for my customers.

Paint In Box | Bimonthly and eco-responsible decorating boxes

The Ciklik team is available, reactive and knows how to answer all our questions.

The feedback is very positive. The site is ergonomic, and we have many back office tools to manage our subscription business.

Athlète Running Club | Subscription box for running fans

First of all, we wanted to be not afraid when renewing our subscriptions, to be sure that everything was set up correctly so that our plans would be tacitly renewed and that there would be no worries with transactions on our website.

With Ciklik, we know that everything has been thought for the management of subscriptions.

With the visual editor, we have a lot of freedom to customize our website. The tool is intuitive and functional.

Hoya & Pampa | Monthly boxes of plants and home decoration

With Ciklik, everything is explained. We also know that we can count on them if we encounter a problem on our website, we are not alone.

New features are always added, the solution evolves. And when we have special requests, they adapt.

We can easily customize the content of our website. In 3 days, our website was ready and we had the possibility to launch it. We were able to move very quickly and to be ready for a Christmas launch, which was ideal for us.

Torref’Box | Monthly coffee subscription

We launched our first box in March 2020. At that time, we were looking for an all-in-one tool so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it and could quickly find our customers.

We wanted to make it as automated as possible to be efficient and save time in the daily management of the business.

Les Petits Cochons | Subscription box of sausages and terrines

The first point concerns the customization of your website. It’s really nice to be able to edit the content of your website at any time with ease.

I especially wanted to be able to develop my activity without multiplying the additional plugins. It is time saving to be able to manage everything from the same application.

The Magic Box | Monthly magic boxes for children